Crime Stats on Scilly 2012

It’s a shame really that the word “crime” covers such a wide variety of legal ills. Its a scary word that conjures up images of balaclava wearing, lead pipe toting villains. It does not seem to immediately bring to mind the youngster who scrawls initials on a bin, an inebriate who rides someone else’s bike home without permission or an incensed opponent to a conservation land management technique who breaks a cattle fence. Yet these are the sorts of matters that represent a sizeable proportion of the crime Scilly suffered in 2012. Rather contrary to the bleak view of crime many people have it is our pleasure at St Mary’s Police to announce that between the years 2011 & 2012 recorded crime fell over 36% from 71 to 45 investigated matters. This is less than one a week. It means that it is not just urban legend that crime is low on Scilly it is quantifiably so. It may not be exactly the Land that Crime Forgot but it does appear to be the place that crime struggles to remember.
For you number crunchers here is a more detailed breakdown of the figures.
Comparisons between 2011 & 2012
Assaults are down from 16 to 10
Other violence even at 1
Harassment down from 7 to 3
Burglary down from 3 to 2 (Only one of these was from a home)
Taking a vehicle without consent down from 4 to 1
Shoplifting down from 2 to 1
Other Theft down from 22 to 10
Fraud up from 0 to 1
Criminal Damage down from 12 to 9
Drug offences up from 2 to 4
Sexual Offences even at 1
Other crime up from 1 to 2
Drink Drive prosecutions down from 3 to 1
Drunk & Disorderly down from 5 to 0
Buying alcohol for person under 18 up from 0 to 1

About Colin Taylor

Devon and Cornwall Police Officer
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