Sus Package

Sus Package

This week a member of the public on St Mary’s stumbled upon a small clear plastic bag containing some lumps of a hard brown substance. Concerned that the package should not be left on the street for anyone to find they picked it up and with oodles of public spiritedness handed it in to the Police Station at St Mary’s. Notwithstanding what I am about to reveal next, what they did was a very responsible act with safeguarding at its heart. That ensured that no person came to harm from the contents of the clear zip lock bag. Rather shamelessly PC Mat Collier publicised this on our “Isles of Scilly Police” Facebook site when it became immediately apparent to him that the item was an innocent broken brown button still in its factory sealed plastic bag that somebody had dropped. Over 45,000 people from all over the world saw the post and enjoyed with us the funny side of it. I would submit that an unintended and more poignant message was sent. Tens of thousand people also saw that Scilly is the sort of place where people don’t just walk on by and absolve responsibility. The message is that even the small things matter here. If the community pay’s this attention to detail is this the sort of place attractive for criminals to operate in? No it is not. We benefit from the community engaging with us. There is low crime on Scilly. I think there is a connection. The button remains unclaimed. Feel free to join us at where you can enjoy more from our Scilly Policing offerings.


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