PC Mat Collier thinks he had the best World Gig Championships ever this May 2013 and went as far as to say that he had the most enjoyable weekend that he could remember having had on Scilly. That’s saying something for the longest serving Scilly PC for many a year. It was busy for us with late finishes in pubs. The final tally of crime for the weekend Friday to Sunday, over which a veritable lake of beer was sunk by many thousand extra people, was ………. drumroll …………. zero. That’s no crime at all, nothing, zip, nada. Lots of lost property though with some anxious Mainlanders concerned that the thief pixies had stowed aboard the Scillonian from Eengerland. Inevitably followed by sheepish looks as the item was recovered from their gig or stuffed safely in full view in the middle of Holgates Green. So why the extra Police Officers? Well just in case really. There is no calling back-up from the Mainland if things go awry. Not at midnight anyway, so we brought across three extra colleagues to swell the ranks. I think the opportunity to come out here and Police Gig weekend is an envied one.
I suspect Mat’s bodacious weekend was also helped by the fact that it was his wedding anniversary and that his wife, Beth, rowed in the Championships with notable success for her crew coming top in her her group. It’s not all about Policing with us, there is a deep undertone of personal satisfaction to this job.
PC Mat Collier hoisted high by a Dutch Gig CrewImage

About Colin Taylor

Devon and Cornwall Police Officer
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