Police Recruitment Top Tips

My Devon and Cornwall Police Recruitment Top Tips
For the first time in a number of years D&C Police are looking to recruit more Police Officers. This constabulary has modest aspirations to be the best rural, urban and coastal police service in the universe. The door will probably only open briefly and bouncers, or HR as we call them, are going to pretty picky about who gets in so here are my Top Tips for increasing success.
Doughnuts & Sofas – Lay off the big sugary carbs and get up off the sofa. There will be some form of grueling fitness test and whereas I don’t blame bakery products by any means it would help if you can hop, skip & jump faster than most. Well, at least as fast as the villain you will end up chasing over garden fences at 4am.
Drink – Similar sort of theme again but getting mightily drunk every Friday and ending up in a brawl would be career limiting. It is amazing how many people I have picked up of the tarmac and dusted down to be then told “I always wanned to be a Police Osifer. Waddo I have to do to join?” Sobering up is a good start.
Shut the curtains – The doors open at 10am Monday 22nd July so if you are serious you may be best placed to stay in a dark room much of the weekend, you did it a fortnight ago for Andy Murray so do it for yourself now, and study the link below. You won’t need to know the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 in full at this stage so limit yourself to what’s on the web site and its implications.
Internet – Look I know we here on Scilly have a bit of a quirky Social Media presence on T’internet but unless I am mistaken you will not find anything that suggests any of us cavort naked in the High Street (see Drink), breed Pit Bulls or have a blurred thumbs up Bio Pic of ourselves chuffing on a big Camberwell Carrot. These sorts of things are seized on by Barristers in Crown Court when you will be trying to look credible presenting evidence.
I’m sure corporately there are a bunch of other important things you will need to know which is why the link details them.
Just think in just a few years time you too could be patrolling arguably the best Constabulary in the UK or even your own sub tropical island.http://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/JoinUs/PoliceOfficer/Pages/default.aspx



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