Casual Criminality

Balmy, temperate, maritime Atlantic nights mean the window was open while I worked inside for some of the late shift on St Mary’s. In addition to the plague of moths I was joined by the Dark Destroyer “Rocky”. Our principle suspect for the triple Goldfish Kidnap some months back. Just like all good villains she likes to keep her friends close and the police closer.

Rocky will not be our only newbie this week. We are to be joined by PC Nick Gould (a human) who is arriving at the weekend to join our small team on a permanent basis. He got the job that was so hotly contested internationally, the “lucky” one who will join us at IOSPD Living the Dream. When I know more I will provide his vital statistics and a pic although it better not be of him lounging about on a report file like our erstwhile serial offender here.

In the meantime while we await Nick’s arrival if you have any humane interrogation techniques for our feline felon I am all ears.

Sgt Colin TaylorRocky


About Colin Taylor

Devon and Cornwall Police Officer
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