How Others See Us

Feedback I’m grateful I don’t have to contend with.

Improving Police

UnknownThe following excerpts are from the May 15, 2015 issue of “The Week.” The comments come from editorial journalists in France, Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany. They should cause our thoughtful consideration. Why is it many Europeans see us in the following ways?

Le Figaro (France): “The sheer flagrance of police brutality against black Americans leaves one speechless. A single killing of an unarmed suspect would be unthinkable in a European country… The prevalence of guns among the population is part of the problem… Police are too quick to draw and use their weapons because they constantly fear being threatened by armed men.”

The Irish Times: “The utter breakdown in trust between the police and the policed has blighted U.S. cities. [This] is part of the so-called ‘broken-windows’ policing theory that encourages cops to crack down hard at the slightest hint of suspicious behavior. The resulting mass incarceration of young…

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