The New Chap

Here is the latest Cop Trump card to complete the Policing set for Isles of Scilly Police.

Nic Gould is here for the ride having got the job I errantly advertised and which went viral world wide back in April. You may be amused to know that I consequently received, what I will fondly remember hereafter as, valuable feedback from our Headquarters about their joy at managing the deluge of press and media interest caused by my Best Job advert. Sorry Corporate Comms won’t happen again.

So just to set the record straight for all you media lovies the “Best Job” phrase was a bit of an exaggeration. It did not take into account the misery of actually dishing out tickets to otherwise nice people who park for 30 seconds on the yellow lines while they pop into Mumfords to get a paper. Nor did my advert mention the monotony of roaming back and forth up the street at night shushing their neighbours, who will be speaking at 90dB against a background noise level of 30dB as they leave the pubs in the evening. Had I included the fact that the successful applicant’s new home will share a party wall with our two cells and subsequently their family will be educated by colourful language on occasion we may not have had any applicants at all. If you want to know more about Nic he will be found at St Mary’s Police Station. If you have media needs then here is some stuff to fill your tomes.

Nic Gould. Police Officer for 11 years. Family guy but does not own a talking dog. Previously been a copper in North Devon and Leicester, at different times. Not sure of his age yet. He’s clearly old enough to be a policeman but its a bit playground to ask. Favourite colour blue, pisces, ex navy and he has lovely creases and shiny shoes. Please contact us direct at St Mary’s rather than my besties at HQ if you need more. I’m his skipper and agent and he does not do TV. If all you want is a quote from him then “Where do I sit? is all he’s had time to say so far.

Sgt Colin TaylorCop Trump Nic (large)


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Devon and Cornwall Police Officer
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