If you are going to the Isles of Scilly be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Here is a new one for me. Response after arrest and caution,

“OH. ARE YOU THE GUY WHO DOES THE FACEBOOK STUFF? WHATEVER HAPPENS HERE KEEP IT UP MATE.” is not evidentially significant but it is still worth recording, if only for my memoirs. I suppose it also indicates a willingness to accept ones fate. Especially after you have been caught butt naked except for flip flops and flowers in the afternoon in Hugh Street with your pants AWOL, green Hawaiian skirt in hand and the rest of your stag party taking your picture.

And so it was that for the first time in my career I actually had to resort to using my helmet to preserve the modesty of the groom as I led him away from public view in Hugh Street this afternoon.

It is worth remembering that a day trip to Scilly could become very expensive if you leave, fined by the millimetre, with a £90 fixed penalty notice. I thank the Captain of the Scillonian ferry who has full authority to refuse passage back to Penzance due to unruly behaviour. On this occasion I am relieved to say the Captain did not exercise that option and my grass skirted friend left the islands an hour later.

To my groom friend: You drive a hard bargain but I have now lived up to your blogging expectations of me please live up to mine and don’t “KEEP IT UP MATE”.

Sgt Colin TaylorIMG_6727


About Colin Taylor

Devon and Cornwall Police Officer
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