Hunting the Nameless

Name that gull

If the news has taught us anything this week it’s don’t hunt animals with names unless you desire to be a social pariah. In light of this and the recent vilification of Herring Gulls, I have taken to naming all our avian friends around Scilly. I feel it adds an element of anthropomorphic mischief to the debate around our cohabitation with these marvellous animals.

Because most of our gulls are well behaved and spend time at sea the best place to see them is to go out in a boat and bob about on the water with them. A simple pleasure made less so by the thieves who have been stealing fuel from vessels around St Mary’s Harbour. There have been 2 such thefts this week.  A potentially very thoughtless criminal endeavour. When sailers go to sea they generally know how much fuel they have in advance and plan their journey accordingly. One of the boatmen reporting the loss of fuel found themselves adrift shortly after launching without means to power their outboard. Thankfully he got to shore without drama but had they left the safety of the harbour the journey could have been increasingly perilous.

To the person(s) taking fuel your actions are both dangerous and criminal. Like big game hunters our task is to track you down, but unlike the same hunters our job is simply to give your name to the court.

Sgt Colin Taylor


About Colin Taylor

Devon and Cornwall Police Officer
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