Oh why did you have to ask me that?

Here’s a new blog feature I am calling it. “Oh why did you have to ask me that?”———————————-

Dear Sgt Kill Joy,

If I buy a Balance Board for my child this Christmas can they use it on a road?

Mrs A. Parent


Dear Mrs Parent,

Oh why did you have to ask me that?

No they can’t.

The dull bit: Balance Boards are mechanically propelled vehicles (MPV’s). MPV’s cannot be driven on the road without insurance. Good luck trying to get third party insurance for a Balance Board in the UK because they are not registered for use on roads.

As a parent if you permit your child to use a balance board on a road to which the public have access both you and the child could be committing an offence. In the context of Scilly this includes all roads and public places. So that’s St Mary’s, all the off islands, the skate park, the pavements and further afield in the rest of England and Wales. It is really not the police you need to fear in this regard though. If your child injures someone while using a Balance Board in public the injured person may look to sue you.

 On the bright side if you keep the box it came in we will let you use that anywhere on the islands. Here’s Mat trying out the post Christmas craze. 
Sgt Kill Joy


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Devon and Cornwall Police Officer
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