Excercise Caution when you go Mobile

This is a message to all Scilly drivers including aspiring James Bonds. We are on a mission to take on drivers who use mobile phones while driving. Even those with a “Double O” status do not have a licence to kill over here.

We stop you driving while on your hand held device you will be reported at the roadside and face the prospect of a £100 fine and three points on your licence or, if you chose, you could elect court. It will be nothing personal but inevitably it will feel so in such a small place where we all know each other. In an effort to avoid embarrassment for all of us I have summarised your options if your phone rings or you receive a text while you are driving:

1. Ignore it. Ring or text the caller back later

2. Pull over to the side of the road somewhere safely and turn your engine off BEFORE answering it. (Leaving the engine running while talking on the phone means you are still in control of the vehicle and this is still an offence)

Inevitably we will not catch up with every Secret Agent reporting the success of their mission back to M but we will try. From time to time other drivers will see people using mobiles. We will act on your evidence if you contact us with it if it is sufficient for a prosecution. This way there are more eyes about on our roads for these potential Agents of death. In practice this will mean at least two independent witnesses to the same event to fulfil an evidential requirement for court. To date nobody has come forward or been prepared to provide us evidence. If you know who the repeat offenders are I would encourage you to let us know. I’ll even agree to a dead letter drop if you wish to remain anonymous.

Sgt Colin Taylor007 mobile.jpg


About Colin Taylor

Devon and Cornwall Police Officer
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