Saffron Bun

 Our National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter came to Scilly yesterday. Fortunately they thought long and hard about the name and did not call it the Police National Air Service (PNAS). Amongst the crew was Ian.

Three weeks ago Ian was a constable in South Yorkshire chasing baddies in a helicopter around Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. Then he made the decision to transfer to Devon and Cornwall Police which is rated number one nationally in terms of having the confidence of our local communities. Now he finds himself eating Saffron Buns in the spring sunshine at lunch time on a beach on Scilly.

If you want to achieve the same levels of contented satisfaction at a choice well made here is my Nana’s Saffron Bun Recipe for you to share. Ansom.

1lb plain flour
1/2 lb SR flour
1/2 lb fat (lard & butter mixed)
6oz sugar
8oz mixed fruit
Pkt dried yeast
2 pkts saffron

Put saffron to soak in a couple of table spoons of boiled water overnight. Just warm again with hot water and add a few drops of yellow colouring. Mix all ingredients together to make a dough and put in warm place to raise overnight. Half fill tin lightly greased and floured tin and allow to prove.

Buns: about 1/2 hour. keep looking. 400F
Cake: about 1 hour 375F for 3/4 hr then lower

Be happy like Ian.

Sergeant Colin Taylor


About Colin Taylor

Devon and Cornwall Police Officer
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